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All photos: A.Dyason
new98.GIF (148 bytes)Cheetah C du TFDC photographié au meeting 99 du TFDC .
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 Cheetah C  photographié à Aerospace Africa '98.
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Cheetah C. Notez le casque rouge du pilote - "marque de fabrique" du 2 Sqdn, the "Flying Cheetahs".
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Perche ravitaillement et canards.
Marquages du 2 Sqdn absents sur les avions opérationnels 
Passage à basse vitesse. Les ailes et les canards.
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Aterrissage au parachute.

Note:The cockpit and certain systems on the Cheetah are classified and may not be photographed. Please do not email me in this regard - I have no photos of classified items. However out of a modelling point of view: you can't be far wrong than light grey for the cockpit tub and semi gloss black for the instrument panel.