Delta fighter

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    This aircraft deserves a web site for many reasons :

                                - first french fighter reaching Mach 2
                                - first rocket and turbojet powered operationnal fighter
                                - best export sale for a french aircraft

The mirage III's legend was written by the jewish pilots during the six days war in 1967. However if this aircraft is particularly sweet to a french's heart, it is beacaus it blots the shame of 1940 out of his memory. The Mirage III also marks the come back of the french aircraft industry.

1953-1957 :  Genesis
 The program's specs, other competitors, the "Mystère delta", pre production Mirages III .
The Mirage III C
All weather Fighter Bomber :
The Mirage III E
Fighter Bomber and that's all !
The Mirage V
 Recce Fighter
The Mirage III R et RD
 Mirages III abroad
Australia, Israël, Belgium, .....
VTOL at Mach 2
The Mirages III V
A prolific lineage
Legitimate childs, ...and natural sons! (cheetah, dagger, Kfir ...)
Strange things
Le Mirage who wore moustaches, the Mirage III T, and other curiosities.
The Mirage III at war :
The6 days war, the Kippour war,
The Israeli lineage
An almost exhaustive Jean Paul Viaud related to Mirage III CJ's and derivates

Genesis - Interceptor Recce fighter (R et RD) VTOL at Mach 2(Mirages III V)
A prolific lineage - TheIsraeli lineage-Mirage III abroad-The Mirage III at War